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Will Medical Insurance Cover Sleep Apnea Therapy?

February 9, 2023

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As a dentist who is interested in providing patients with solutions to sleep-breathing disorders, one of the most pivotal questions is likely to be, “Will medical insurance cover sleep apnea therapy?” The cost of care is on the minds of everyone who desires a better night’s rest, and as a dentist, you’ll want to know how best to approach this component of care so that you get the money your practice needs. Read on to learn how you and your staff can navigate the financial component of sleep apnea treatment while encouraging patients to seek proper care.

Medical Insurance & Sleep Apnea Therapy: What Does It Look Like?

When participating in a Roundtable event, you can expect there to be much discussion on the notion of medical insurance and its role in sleep apnea therapy. While many might assume dental insurance would be the one to file with, it’s not. Instead, medical insurance is the one you and your team will need to become familiar with. Why? Because many deem these oral devices, specifically oral appliance therapy, as medically necessary.

Although each provider is different in what they will cover and what they will not, most patients are extended the fortune of undergoing care that doesn’t rob them of their life savings. In fact, some sleep studies may be covered by medical insurance, especially if they are performed at home instead of in a laboratory.

Dentist-prescribed oral appliances and CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) devices are also commonly covered because they are deemed medical devices that are required to treat sleep apnea symptoms.

How to Incorporate Medical Insurance Billing Into My Practice?

It might be a bit of a learning curve for your staff to start the learning process that comes with filing under medical insurance instead of dental insurance, but it is certainly a component that is highly beneficial for your practice and one that will be appreciated by your patients.

Whether you choose to employ a third-party company that can take care of the billing for you, or you prefer to provide your staff with the appropriate training for in-house service, it’s a service you won’t regret incorporating.

You’ll need to make sure all patient paperwork and claims are filed correctly, as incorrect information can lead to claims denial and a delay in treatment. Also, ensuring that your staff learns about the different codes used when submitting paperwork is essential, as it can mean an approved or denied claim.

Sleep apnea therapy might seem a bit overwhelming at first but once you begin to discover the great advantages of helping those who are unable to breathe properly. By agreeing to file with medical insurance, you not only increase your reputation as a noteworthy and reliable dentist in the area, but you help your patients save in the long run.

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