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21st Century Sleep Seminars
Our Mission

To build and support a community of dentists dedicated to enhancing the lives of others through diagnosis and treatment of obstructive sleep apnea.

The Roundtable

Over the past 11 years, The Roundtable has earned its reputation as the #1 event for doctors practicing dental sleep medicine. It provides a rare opportunity to learn from the best – both in formal lectures and informal conversations. Dr. Kent Smith is your gracious host for a weekend focused on expanding horizons, growing practices and having fun. Space is limited. Register today.

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The Retreat

More than 2,000 dentists have learned how to successfully add sleep apnea diagnosis and treatment to their practices through these weekend, hands-on programs. Each session features 16 hours of learning and includes the opportunity to work one-on-one with Dr. Kent Smith. The Retreat is the perfect way to introduce, educate and engage your staff as partners in making sleep apnea therapy an important part of your practice.

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The Forum

Once you have attended The Roundtable or completed a Retreat, The Forum is the ideal tool to help take your dental sleep practice to the next level. Hundreds of fellow alums turn to The Forum to ask questions, share experiences and give real-world advice. Participants are vetted and the chat sessions are moderated to add credibility to the insights and recommendations provided.

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What Others Are Saying

“You will be amazed with Kent’s ability to explain and prepare you for returning home to incorporate sleep apnea treatment into your practice. Go with an open mind and be a sponge. Kent will show and tell all you need to know.”

- Dr. SM

“What a great course!!! Kent you did an awesome job with the course and the material presented. This course confirms our role as "MOUTH DOCTORS" as we should always be looking beyond just teeth. Everyone should RUN to sign up for this one!!!!.”

- Dr. RM.

“I can't believe how many OSA patients I have NOT diagnosed because "I didn't know what to look for". The information in the course will let me help a lot of people that would have been otherwise overlooked. It could help me improve the quality of life in my own family.”

-Dr. DL

A Message From Dr. Kent Smith

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