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The Roundtable

The Premier Event for Sleep Dentists


October 2023

Enhance your education and understanding of the dental sleep medicine field even further so that your patients are receiving the most effective care possible. The Roundtable is the #1 event for dental sleep professionals in the country, and you’ll be able to hear from a wide range of experts regarding sleep apnea therapy, CPAP treatment, marketing/PR, insurance, and other vital fields – truly the best of the best. When attending this event, you will receive 15 continuing education credits.

  • $1095.00.00 per doctor
  • $895.00 per team member

Event Details Coming Soon


  • Gain exposure to the best clinicians in dental sleep medicine
  • Discover the latest research in treating Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)
  • Learn the finest techniques in building a successful sleep apnea practice
  • Build connections with a community of dental offices dedicated to treating sleep apnea
  • Learn how to navigate medical insurance and Medicare
  • Become well-versed in the marketing/PR components of your sleep practice

Additional Topics

  • The next generation of oral appliances
  • How to get more new patients at no more cost to your practice
  • Demystifying the TMJ
  • Medical billing-Bring more money into your practice
  • CBD oil effects on sleep
  • Physician-Dentist Collaboration
  • Have Medicare questions? Get your answers
  • Increase the awareness of your sleep practice
  • Scanners vs impressions
  • Understanding yourself and the people around you

What Doctors Are Saying

“You will be amazed with Kent’s ability to explain and prepare you for returning home to incorporate sleep apnea treatment into your practice. Go with an open mind and be a sponge. Kent will show and tell all you need to know.”

-Dr. SM

“Kent is the consummate teacher/mentor and after the course you will be ready to immerse yourself to the hilt in Sleep Dentistry!”

-Dr. MF

“Kent's course was excellent! The take home info was invaluable. If you are entertaining treating SBDs do take this course.  I now know how to read sleep studies and have a sense of who will benefit from the Mandibular Advancement Devices (MADs).”

-Dr. BS

“Taking this course may very well prolong your life (as well as the lives of your family members and patients)!”

-Dr. TF

“What a great course!!! Kent, you did an awesome job with the course and the material presented. This course confirms our role as ‘MOUTH DOCTORS’ as we should always be looking beyond just teeth. Everyone should RUN to sign up for this one!”

-Dr. RM

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