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The Retreat

Wasted Days & Sleepless Nights


2021 Dates

September 17-18

This is a two day weekend course (Friday and Saturday) that consists of 15 hours of lecture and one hour of hands-on instruction with Dr. Kent Smith, Diplomate of the American Board Dental Sleep Medicine (not an ADA recognized specialty) and current President of the American Sleep and Breathing Academy. The course will be held at the Cain Watters & Associates facility (20 minutes from DFW Airport).

Pricing is as follows:

$1895 per doctor
$695 per team member

Breakfast and lunch will be catered both days. Friday night dinner will also be provided for anyone wishing to join us.

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FAQs CE Scholarships


  • Undergo a private sleep study using an ambulatory monitor.
  • Discover which patients in your practice are at risk.
  • Learn how to physically examine the sleep apneic.
  • Understand the basics of sleep, helping you communicate more effectively with patients.
  • Be able to intelligently discuss all snoring and sleep apnea treatment options with patients.
  • Become familiar with the anatomy and physiology of the airway.
  • Have all of the forms necessary to help with data retrieval and communication with physicians.
  • Learn how to treat the snorer/apneic in the dental office while making sure you don't get into trouble.
  • Discover secrets to market the sleep disorder part of your practice
  • Analyze both a home sleep study and a PSG.
  • Learn techniques for playing the medical insurance game.

Additional Topics

  • Sleep-wake cycles
  • Stages of sleep
  • The many disorders/disturbances of sleep
  • The sleep breathing disorder continuum
  • Epidemiology of sleep victims
  • Sequelae of obstructive sleep apnea
  • Items to include on your health history
  • OSA in children
  • 13 treatments (and counting) for sleep breathing disorders
  • Different types of oral appliances for treating the SBD patient
  • Side effects of appliances
  • Protocol for your office

What Doctors Are Saying

“I can't believe how many OSA patients I have NOT diagnosed because "I didn't know what to look for".  The information in the course will let me help a lot of people that would have been otherwise overlooked.  It could help me improve the quality of life in my own family.”

-Dr. DL

“I came to this course without any sleep training or experience, and am leaving feeling comfortable with a solid basic sleep therapy skillset. The course was well-organized, up-to-date, and thorough. Dr. Smith was entertaniing, the ancillary staff & vendors were friendly & knowledgeable, and accommodations were outstanding. Highly recommend!”

-Dr. BL

“Kent Smith is not only very knowledgeable in this area, but is a very nice guy with humility and down to earth personality which made it easy to learn from him.

- Dr. HL

“I did not know much in the sleep area….until this weekend.  Take this course, next time it is offered.  This is important information, we MUST have, in my opinion.”

-Dr. GB

“You may have no interest in making this a big part of your practice.  BUT…the life you save may be your own!”

-Dr. PR

“KENT SMITH is a great speaker and illuminated the spectrum of issues with sleep disorders with clarity and completeness. The manual he provided is one of the best I have had!”

-Dr. GB

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