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The Retreat

Wasted Days & Sleepless Nights

Frequently Asked Questions

We have created this FAQ over the years from questions asked by doctors as they consider attending the seminar. We will continue to update this as more questions are asked, so feel free to contact us at if you have any questions or concerns that we could add.

Should I bring team members, and if so, which ones?

Although certainly not mandatory, most doctors who do not bring team members let us know that they regret not doing so. We realize that this is not always practical, but when you do bring team members, you are considerably more prepared to implement sleep dentistry into your practice.

Regarding which ones, we suggest a front desk team member who would be primarily responsible for financial arrangements and medical billing, as well as a clinical assistant who would be the primary contact with your patient when you are not in the treatment room. Finally, your hygienist(s) would be the gatekeeper, responsible for finding these sleep patients among your existing patient base.

Is this course really going to get me ready to treat my patients immediately?  How long would it take to get it up and running smoothly? The medical billing part is what I am most concerned with.

The seminar is designed to prepare you to effectively screen and treat your patients with sleep disorders as soon as you return to the office. Dr. Smith not only allows an open discussion during the seminar, but he encourages this in the hopes that everyone leaves the seminar with answers to questions they had prior to coming. We also have lunch together and dinner together on Friday evening for more "out-of-seminar" conversations. For those of you who are more concerned about medical billing (which is most likely the majority), we will certainly address this issue. We will have billing experts at the seminar who will be with us all weekend, and after lunch on day 1, they will spend an hour on just this topic.

After the seminar, will I have any backup or support as I try to get started?

Of course! For the doctors, we have a sleep forum (email-based) that is free after attending the seminar. We have hundreds of doctors on the forum, so any problem or question you may have will be quickly addressed by the more seasoned doctors on the forum. Everyone has to start somewhere, and the group is very giving of information (and absent of any ego). It's simply too important that you take this knowledge and start saving lives and marriages. We want you to succeed!

I have to fly out earlier than I want to and will have to miss the last hour or so on Saturday. What will I miss?

The last few hours are spent going over sleep studies of attendees and a section on marketing. If you need to leave early, we can go over your sleep study first, and you may do fine without the marketing component, but we can also send you any information you might have missed. Most of this will be in the notebook you receive.

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