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Sweet dreams are made of this...

Welcome to 21st Century Sleep Seminars.

Did you know that over half of all adults are getting less than the recommended amount of daily sleep? What’s more, untreated sleep issues will also affect your partner and contribute to serious consequences for your health, some of which are life-threatening.

With my years of experience in treating sleep disorders, and with my experience writing and speaking about them, I can help dental practices treat patients who snore or struggle with sleep apnea or insomnia get a full night’s rest again. At 21st Century Sleep Seminars, we are dedicated to educating dental practices on sleep dentistry and treating common sleep disorders.

Sleep deprivation takes an enormous toll on one’s quality of life. With courses from 21st Century Sleep Seminars, we can help you understand the problems and find relief for your patients. Please take a moment to explore our website and the courses we provide. And if you’d like to attend a session, don’t hesitate to give us a call. I look forward to helping your dental practice!

If you are looking for an advanced seminar in dental sleep medicine, come join us at the 7th Annual Sleep Roundtable on May 19-20, 2017. Click here for more information

-Dr. B Kent Smith