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Medical Billing Seminar

Vital Information for Sleep Dentists & Staff

Dental sleep medicine requires well-developed skill and advanced training for optimal results – but what about the financial aspects? Because Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is a medical condition, practices are unable to file claims through dental insurance. Thankfully, medical billing can be a smooth and stress-free process with the right know-how.

We invite you to attend our Medical Billing seminar for a comprehensive wealth of information, from the basics of filing claims to worst-case appeal scenarios. 7 continuing education credits will be awarded to attendees. Are you brand-new to the world of medical billing? Do you currently use a third party biller? Do you have years of experience already? We encourage dentists and teams at every stage of the process to attend and learn something new. Even clinical staff members can benefit from understanding what exactly the front desk needs from patients!


Date: 2020 dates coming soon: "Billing for Sleep" with Megan Cheever and Laura Manuel.

  • Pricing: $495.00 per registration.


  • Next Seminar

    2020 dates coming soon – Plano, TX


    • Better understand the basics of medical insurance
    • Examine types of insurance plans, including HMO, EPO, POS, & PPO
    • Explore every nook & cranny of insurance verification (Why do we do it? What does this tell us?)
    • Follow every step of the approval process, from proper requests to follow-ups to unexpected denials to eventual success
    • Learn the good, the bad, and the ugly of clinical notes
    • Determine precise patient costs and the ideal fees for your unique practice
    • More clearly understand the role of a 3rd party biller
    • Understand what to do when the going gets rough, including how to navigate the claims process and appeals. Basically, what are your options when you still haven’t gotten paid?
    • Review thorough case studies & cost examples with fellow attendees

    Additional Topics

    • Preauthorization
    • Predeterminations
    • GAP exceptions
    • Record management
    • The Epworth Sleepiness Scale
    • Sleep studies – how does insurance relate?
    • CPAP intolerance forms
    • Letters of Medical Necessity (LMN)
    • Medical prescriptions
    • Comorbidities – what are they & why are they important?
    • Financial agreements
    • Plan F and G plans
    • HST and radiology
    • Medicare
    • Yearly cut-off periods
    • Ideal treatment protocol for patients
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    Megan Cheever, RN

    Megan Cheever, RN

    Megan Cheever is our featured speaker, and she has been working in the medical field for half of her life so far – although she doesn’t really like that reminder. Having spent many years billing for a neurology practice, she learned the nuances of insurance extremely well and has a true talent for navigating this minefield without getting blown to smithereens. Today, she is the Director of Operations for Brady Billing and has limited her focus to dental sleep billing for the last five years. She has spoken on this topic at numerous conferences already, where her Q&A sessions often last longer than the lecture itself. Come prepared to download a terabyte of knowledge, because Megan will definitely BRING it!