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Oral Appliance Therapy: An Alternative for Patients Affected by CPAP Recalls

January 9, 2023

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Man sleeping peacefully in white bed linens

For decades, CPAP therapy has been the standard treatment for patients who have been diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea. It is quite effective, and it has helped countless individuals to enjoy improved sleep and improved health. Unfortunately, though, CPAP machines have their downsides. For example, they are sometimes the subject of recalls due to unexpected dangers that they present to patients.

Is there a suitable alternative treatment for patients affected by CPAP recalls? Yes. Read on below to learn about oral appliance therapy.


Sleep Apnea in Children: What Parents Should Know

December 4, 2022

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illustration of snoring young boy

Sleep apnea is often regarded as a problem that affects only middle-aged people and seniors. While it’s true that older individuals are more likely to suffer from it, no age group is completely immune to this condition – even young children. How can you tell if a patient is struggling with children’s sleep apnea, and what treatment options are available? Get the answers to these important questions and more from a sleep dentist in Irving.


How Using a Weighted Blanket Can Help Patients with Sleep Apnea

November 17, 2022

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Woman in bed sleeping under a weighted blanket

Weighted blankets were originally designed to help people with anxiety, ADHD, and similar conditions relax so that they could fall asleep more easily. However, evidence suggests that patients who are suffering from sleep apnea might also benefit from using this simple sleep aid. Can a weighted blanket be used as a complementary tool alongside other forms of sleep apnea therapy? The following post explores the potential benefits.


6 Essential Oils That Can Help Treat Sleep Apnea

October 12, 2022

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Several essential oils sitting on a table

Patients can take various steps at home that go a long way toward reducing their sleep apnea symptoms and improving their overall quality of life. As one major example, there are several essential oils that can be used to complement traditional sleep apnea therapy, making it easier for patients to get the rest they need. Below are 6 examples of essential oils that sleep dentists should keep in mind when suggesting at-home remedies for sleep apnea.


Is Sleep Apnea Genetic?

September 17, 2022

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Illustration of DNA molecules that influence sleep apnea risk

Do you often treat patients who are related to one another? If so, you may have noticed that they sometimes struggle with similar dental problems. They might also complain of having the same symptoms that affect other areas of their body. Indeed, genetics can be a major influencer on a person’s head-to-toe health. It can even have a bearing on a person’s risk for developing sleep apnea. This blog post explores why that is the case and how you may be able to help patients who suffer from this disorder.


Can Sleep Apnea Cause Gum Disease?

August 26, 2022

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Woman with sleep apnea concerned about gum disease

As a skilled dentist, you are familiar with the dangers of gum disease — and you do everything you can to help your patients prevent and manage it. You may educate them on oral hygiene, urge them to quit smoking, and encourage them to visit you for regular checkups. But there is more you can do. Namely, you can offer sleep apnea treatment. Let’s talk more about the connection between sleep apnea and gum disease.


Understanding the Link Between Bedwetting and Sleep Apnea

July 9, 2022

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Woman with sleep apnea awake in bed at night

Research shows that over 84% of patients with sleep apnea report frequent nighttime urination. The link between the two conditions is so strong that nighttime urination has become as significant as snoring when it comes to screening for sleep apnea. Oftentimes, this urination occurs in the form of bedwetting. If you offer sleep apnea treatment at your practice, it is important to understand the possible connection between a patient’s bedwetting and their sleep disorder.


Can Sleeping with Pets Impact Your Sleep Apnea?

June 4, 2022

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Woman sleeping next to her dog.

People love their pets! In fact, almost 65% of American households own a pet, with cats and dogs as the most common companions. And many of those pet owners opt to allow their pets to sleep in bed with them; but did you know that this habit can impact your sleep apnea? Keep reading to learn more from your community of sleep dentists about how sleeping with your pets, despite the apparent benefits, can sometimes negatively affect the quality of your rest—along with some things you can do about it.


Understanding the Connection Between Prediabetes and Sleep Apnea

May 22, 2022

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Woman with sleep apnea and prediabetes checking her blood sugar

As a dentist, you have likely seen all too many patients whose oral health has been adversely affected by diabetes. You may try to help them manage their condition with friendly advice and high-quality treatments, but wouldn’t it be nice if you could play a role in sparing them from type 2 diabetes in the first place? You may have the power to do just that if you choose to offer oral appliance therapy. This blog post explores the link between prediabetes and sleep apnea.


Can Sleep Apnea Cause Blindness?

April 9, 2022

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Middle-aged man with sleep apnea experiencing vision problems

Blindness or severe vision impairment afflicts millions of people in the U.S. For many of these individuals, diabetic retinopathy led to their disability. You may be able to help your diabetic patients retain their vision by encouraging them to make dietary changes. But did you know that there is more you can do? By offering sleep apnea treatment, you may be able to prevent changes in the eye that contribute to vision impairment. Let’s discuss the link between blindness and sleep apnea.

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