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Why Incorporating Sleep Medicine is a Good Idea for Your Dental Practice

October 14, 2020

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a male dentist smiles while wearing a lab coat and gloves in preparation for seeing a patientAs a dentist, you remain committed to helping patients achieve better oral health, right? Whether it is through preventive, restorative, cosmetic, or emergency dental care, the services you provide are all designed to repair, restore, and maintain a patient’s teeth and gums. But what if you could do more for them? What if you could play an integral role in helping them achieve better sleep while breathing easier? Read on to learn why incorporating sleep medicine into your practice can be a beneficial venture for you and your patients.

You Can Help Meet a Growing Need

With millions of people living with some form of sleep disorder, many do not realize they have a problem until it becomes quite serious. It often takes a partner to point out the symptoms before a diagnosis and treatment are provided. But as a dentist, you have a unique ability to identify these signs early on. How?

Many of the most common symptoms associated with sleep apnea occur in the mouth and among the facial structures. Because these are areas you already check when administering an oral cancer screening, it is helpful to inquire further about your patient’s health and medical history to better understand how they function daily and if they feel deprived of sleep.

By helping patients in the early stages of obstructive sleep apnea, you can help these individuals receive a diagnosis and begin treatment before symptoms worsen.

You and Your Team Can Provide More Comprehensive Care

Most people don’t like the idea of rushing around to different medical professionals for treatment. When they find someone they like and are comfortable with, they tend to want to remain in one place. By agreeing to offer sleep medicine as part of your list of comprehensive services, you and your team will become far more appealing when compared against your competitors. Not only will you be able to continue treating patients for their oral health concerns, but you will also be able to offer safe, reliable, and effective sleep apnea treatment and truly live up to the promise of providing comprehensive care.

You Can Build Your Practice

When starting the process of providing sleep medicine to individuals suffering from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), you will slowly begin to see the benefits this type of treatment offers to those in need, especially if you work to ensure it is covered by their medical insurance. Whether bringing on team members who are trained and equipped to handle all billing in-house or allowing a third-party company to handle it for you, the positive feedback and results from your patients achieve will only help to grow your practice.

Because reviews and testimonials are two of the most common ways people find suitable dental professionals, the treatment you provide and the relationships you build among both patients and referral sources will have you seeing significant growth in the number of people you see.

Being an active member of the sleep medicine community can lead to many great rewards. Not only will you continue to reap the benefits of saving smiles, but you’ll also provide a plausible way for people to breathe easier and sleep better.

About 21st Century Sleep Seminars
Dr. Kent Smith is a top professional in sleep medicine who has experience in treating, writing, and speaking about sleep disorders. His wealth of knowledge has helped other dentists integrate sleep apnea treatment into their own practices. At 21st Century Sleep Seminars, we can provide you with the information, tips, advice, and network of professionals you need to effectively treat these sleep disorders your patients are facing. To learn more, visit our website or call (972) 255-3712.

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